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My Story

Hi. I’m Emilie. Like Emily but with an -ie. I was teased in elementary school for having a differently-spelled name, so I began to tell everyone it’s French. I think they mostly bought it, so I’m still sticking with that story. Learning French is on my bucket list, so having a French name already in place is really just preparation for my big immersion trip to Paris (also on the bucket list), right?

Pretending to be something I wasn’t was pretty common for me as a child. I experienced a great deal of trauma, and reading was my escape. I could pretend I was on an adventures with Harriet the Spy (by Louise Fitzhugh) or Ramona Quimby, age 8 (by Beverly Cleary), or that I was a genius sleuth on a mission to crack the case. I fell in love with words as they took me to far off places and gave me friends who were interesting and inviting. Reading all the words led to writing all the words, and I had found my very first passion in life. As high school graduation loomed, all my friends were making career choices, and all I knew was that I wanted to help people. I wasn’t sure how to do that with writing, so I became a social worker. 20 years into the profession, and lots of lives changed, God showed me it was time to change my own life. With the support of my amazing husband, I took a huge leap of faith to forge a new path in life, which has brought me back to my first love: Words. It is the desire of my heart that my passions of writing words and helping people collide and create a seismic shift in the way we treat both ourselves and one another.

In addition to writing and people-ing, I love Jesus, my husband, my two daughters, and most of the time, my dog.

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